Tim Ford is the premier headshot and portrait photographer serving the Columbia, SC & Atlanta, GA areas. His body of work is the Gold Standard of the industry. He’s best known for the genuine expression he captures in his executive headshots & portraits. Tim is a graduate of the Berlin School of Photography in Germany and the New York Institute of Photography. He has trained with some of the best portrait artisans in the world to include Matthew Jordan Smith, Peter Hurly and Craig Lamere. He has received numerous accolades and publications to include the Vision Award and he’s a contributor to Master The Lens.

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“OMG The Experience!! Why would Tim want to know My favorite candles, playlist of songs, favorite fruit & water? I thought this part of our conversation was just small talk – silly me! When I entered the studio doors, I could smell my favorite Ernesto Rose Gold scented candle with my playlist playing softly in the background. The hair and makeup artists were just superb! During intermission, my favorite Fuji water & fruit from Edible Arrangements was also available. Tim is truly the best person for a confident, approachable, high-end headshot! His facial expression coaching is one of the key differentiators. I finally feel proud of my headshots. Tim is a master of his craft & I strongly recommended him to all serious business professionals.”

– Adriane W. (Territory Manager)

“I think two of the most important qualities in a photographer, is their personality and their ability to connect with their clients & Tim has both of those qualities, and more. I needed hi-end executive branding imagery that was artistically tailored to influence public opinion for my re-election campaign. Tim continuously produces the best branding imagery of superior quality that money can buy. When you see my large billboards across the county, that work of art was created by none other than Tim!”

– Dr. Monica S. (Board of Trustees)

“Stylish, subtle and stunning. Those are the words that best describe every one of my magazine publications projects with Tim. I can assure you of a friendly, personal, bespoke and high-quality service. He’s truly the best in the business!”

– Ally M. (Model & Actor)

“I was nervous to be in front of the camera, but within a few minutes of the photo shoot, the nerves completely vanished! Tim made me feel comfortable the entire time and he handled the shoot in a very professional way, all while making me laugh & smile. I had a great time and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to have their hi-end photos taken by an amazing, fun, creative & talented photographer.”

– Karen J. (President & CEO)