The Tone for Boss Status – Power Dressing Tips

Ever walk into a bank? What do you notice?

You know what I mean…strong stone walls on the outside. On the inside, everything is over engineered down to the engravings on the lock box. It’s secure & well kept.

Why is this?

I think you’re onto the point by now. You’re giving them your money – it has to be the safest place in town!

But is it?

Money is moved around online all the time. The truth is it doesn’t really matter if it is or isn’t. It’s all about the image, and the power signals that are sent.

Our clients don’t wear something that stands out by accident. Collaboration of our wardrobe mood boards are refined to perfection. You’ve bought a piece that you know is going to be a conversation starter and goes against the grain (no pun intended).

Tip #1: Learn About the Psychology of Colors

Here’s a formal outfit that’s most flattering to the majority of executives:

  • A solid dark, classic style suit (either charcoal gray or navy)
  • A light-colored dress shirt (ideally white)
  • A tie of a deeper hue and a simple, repeating pattern (red is an excellent choice to help you be
    more persuasive)
  • Dress shoes that are either black (for charcoal gray suits) or dark brown (for navy suits)

It’s through these colors that you’ll get people to take you seriously. It’s all rooted in the psychology of color in style – something every executive should take time to learn about.

Tip #2: Add Unique Or Special Accessories

When you put emphasis on the smaller details, you’ll stand out from the crowd easily. That’s what makes accessories quite useful. Yes – some of the best ones are pricey. But others are also stylish because they’re antique (and look more amazing as they age). Or others have a distinct
original quality that can’t be found in anything else.


A watch heightens your status while making you feel powerful the whole time. The classier it looks, the stronger the signal is. And that’s especially the case for a dress watch which focuses on simplicity and wrist proportion.

Pocket Squares

These serve as small but effective add-ons to your blazer or suit. Keep in mind that pocket squares are NOT handkerchiefs. They’re sophisticated decorations that highlight a viewer’s eye for detail. If you know how to fold them, you’ll look more dashing and start many great conversations.


One thing I would suggest is choose your buttons from another store or even in a vintage shop. I find the store-bought buttons, are often plastic and make your suits look cheap. Try and find buttons with real buffalo horn buttons. Also this adds such a unique detail to your overall suit.

Tip #3: Project the Right Image

As Brian Tracy once said – Confidence is a habit that can be developed by acting as if you already had the confidence you desire to have.

Your shoe, suit, shirt, and tie can be used to make a powerful statement so it’s important you project the right image through power dressing.